We are very proud of our registered APHA mares. They are the building blocks in our “Breeding For Modern Chrome” program. The mares have been carefully selected for their correct conformation, champion pedigrees, unique color, tobiano, frame, splash and dominant white W20 patterns. All mares have been 5 Panel and Color tested.

We have decided to downsize and are offering some very nice mares in foal for 2019 FOR SALE


Coos Ms Madison Ave – “Maddie” – SOLD

APHA #959406 – 2010 Grulla Homozygous Tobiano
Sire: APHA Painted Coos
Dam: APHA Codys Painted Misfit
EE/aa/TT/Dd 5 Panel NN
Pedigree Link


KPP Genuine Autumn – “Mouse” – SOLD

APHA #876149 – 2006 Grulla Tobiano/Splash Homozygous Black & Dun
Sire: APHA Genuine Painted Easy
Dam: APHA Beaus Fancy
EE/DD/SW1/Tt/LWO NN 5 Panel NN
Pedigree Link

Zip Twist N Shine – “Shine” – SOLD

APHA #1016022 – 2012 Grullo Splash White – 2 Blue Eyes
Sire: APHA LP Sinfully Zipped
Dam: AQHA Twistin Honey Bear
Ee/Dd/SW1/LWO NN 5 Panel NN


CP Shez Got Tha Looks – “Rarity” – SOLD

APHA #01033625 – 2012 Black Frame Overo – Hetrozygous Dominant White W20 – 2 Blue Eyes
Sire: APHA Snifted A Cowpie
Dam: APHA Black Indian Moon
EE W20 Panel NN
Pedigree Link


Dramamax – “Drama” –  NFS

APHA #1037656 – 2013 Grullo Frame Splash SW1
Sire: APHA DR Maxium Overdrive
Dam: APHA Lady May Baker
EE/SW1/Dd 5 Panel NN
Pedigree Link


JP Im Smoken Hot – “Briana” – SOLD

APHA #1009844 – 2011 Grulla Frame Overo – Homozygous Black & Dun
Sire: APHA R Mr Irresistable
Dam: APHA Mini Smoke
DD EE 5 Panel NN

Pedigree Link


Robins Black Smoke – “Sadie” – NFS

Sadie has moved to our Purple Peak Performance Horses program –

APHA #1024716 – 2013 Black Splash – Homozygous Black
Sire: APHA Smoke N Midnight Hawk                                                                                                                                                                                        Dam: APHA My Black Robin
SW 1/EE 5 Panel NN
Pedigree Link


Blue I Chrome – “Jazzie” – SOLD

APHA #01048314 – Grulla Frame Overo
Sire:  APHA TF Smooth Scotch
Dam: APHA Dontsneezeitspepper
Ee/aa/Dd 5 Panel NN


 Sheza Easy Elsa Paint – “Elsa” SOLD

APHA #01042514 – 2014 Grullo Tovero
Sire: APHA Genuine Painted Easy
Dam:  APHA Sheza Settin Style
EE/aa/Dd 5 Panel NN


Clouds Whskynitaacre – “Music” – SOLD

AQHA #5666426/APHA 01054646 – 2014 Grulla Homozygous Dominant White W20 Filly
Sire:  AQHA LLE Cry
Dam:  AQHA Acres Of Sugar
EE/aa/Dd/LWO NN/W20/W20 5 Panel NN


NSP Ice Princess – “Anna” SOLD

(Future Prospect)
APHA 1049989 – 2015 Black Tobiano Homozygous Splash Filly
Sire:  APHA Brokers Zip N Te
Dam:  APHA NSP Ginger Imprint
EE/nT/SW1/SW1/nCR/LWO NN 5 Panel NN


DCF Lets Get Noticed – “Paige” SOLD

APHA 1073299 – 2017 Black Frame/W20 Filly – Left Eye Blue Heavy Liner
Sire:  AQHA Im Not A Blue Boy
Dam:  APHA Silvers Memory Page
Ee/aa/nO/n/W20 5 Panel NN